Referral Partners

Entrusting patients to another provider is not a decision made lightly, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a difficult one.

Refer a Patient
Referral Partners

Why Dentists Refer to Us

We are not a main dental home. All patients referred to Blue Cloud return to their referring provider with post-operation documentation detailing their treatment.
Blue Cloud surgery centers provide robust life safety equipment in a licensed facility without hospital waitlists.
Anesthesiologists oversee all cases to ensure the safest experience under general anesthesia.
Licensed Nurses attend each patient through preoperative to postoperative care.

The Referral Process

  • Educate the Patient

    Educate the Patient

    Inform the patient (or their guardian) they’re going to be referred to a surgery center for general anesthesia. Tell them to look out for our call!

  • Send the Referral

    Send the Referral

    Refer the patient via this website or fax a hard copy to us! We’ll reach out to the patient as soon as we receive the referral. Please don’t just hand the referral to the patient!

  • Exam Day

    Exam Day

    During the exam, we’ll make sure the patient meets medical qualifications for general anesthesia. We’ll also take X-rays and perform an oral evaluation.

  • Procedure Day

    Procedure Day

    Your patient will be cared for by our anesthesia, dental and nursing teams.

  • Post-Operation


    Once your patient has been treated, we’ll send or deliver a post-op packet with details on the treatment we performed and the patient will return to your care.

What they’re saying

I really appreciate this facility for getting my kids in so quickly. The treatment was super fast. A lot of other places had a wait list of 6 months and I refused to have them wait in pain. I love the staff they are so awesome. Definitely look forward to working with them in the future.
Jenn S

Tampa Children’s Surgery Center

DFW Children’s Surgery Center always makes my patients the top priority in their surgery center. They are very attentive with every patient I send. They have an amazing front office and marketing staff as well. They’re always just a call away, and I love that! They are excellent at what they do.
Evelin N.

DFW Children’s Surgery Center

What a spectacular team! San Antonio Children’s Surgical responds quickly and cares deeply about our patients. We love that they communicate closely and give detailed feedback on every patient procedure! They get our patients treated quicker than anywhere else and returned having had a positive experience.
Referral Partner

San Antonio Children’s Surgical

Frequently Asked Questions

What insurances do you accept?

We work with most insurances, including Medicaid and CHIP. Contact us for specific insurance inquiries!

Do we offer payment plans?

Yes! Contact our billing department for more information about our payment plan program.

Are siblings or other children allowed to attend the appointment?

Yes! Children or other siblings may attend the appointment. Just a friendly reminder though, this is a hospital setting and the procedure may last 2-5 hours. Keep this in mind when deciding who to bring to the surgery center.

Are parents allowed in the room for the procedure?

No. Only pertinent dental/medical staff are allowed in the operating room in order to comply with various standards our facilities are held accountable to. Parents should accompany their child prior to the procedure and in recovery following the completion of the procedure.

Does the parent or guardian need to remain at the surgery center during the procedure?

Yes. Questions about the patient’s dental or health care needs may arise during the procedure and the parent or guardian is needed to answer these questions and be available to make important decisions.

Will my child be completely asleep?

Yes! Anesthesiologists will administer general anesthesia and monitor your child while they are completely asleep.

Does my child need to come with me if a consultation is required?

Yes! The purpose of the consultation is to examine your child in-person and submit the necessary authorizations your insurance requires.

*Services may vary based on location. Please contact the surgery center nearest you for more information.