COVID-19 Resource for Patients

All Blue Cloud Surgery Centers in Texas, Florida, and Kansas City are Open to Treat Elective and Emergent Procedures.

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COVID-19 Resource for Patients

Dear Patients and Friends,

As some of the necessary restrictions from COVID-19 are lifted, we are excited to again open our facilities to all patients and continue to provide the exceptional care you have come to expect from our surgery centers and team members. We recognize that COVID-19 has raised many questions and caused much anxiety regarding visiting health care and dental offices and interacting with others in-person. This experience has caused us as a company to reevaluate our efforts to ensure your safety as you visit our facilities. We are not only committed to your oral health, but also to the general health of anyone who enters our facilities. To learn more about the specific steps we have taken to ensure your safety and health, please visit our COVID-19 Resource for Patients. We look forward to seeing you and your smiles soon.

The Blue Cloud Team

For Our Patients

We want to unequivocally express that our first and utmost priority is to ensure the health and safety of each of you. We have used CDC and local health department guidelines as the backbone of the safeguards we have implemented in each of our surgery centers. We are committed to provide these vital services to you in an environment that is safe and protects you against possible exposure to COVID-19. Please click on the links below to learn more or contact the center nearest you and ask for the facility Administrator who can answer any further questions you may have.


Blue Cloud is tirelessly working on our mission to expand access to care, exemplify safety and quality all while reducing costs to patients and payors.