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Entrusting patients to another healthcare provider is not a decision made lightly, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a difficult one.

Why Dentists Refer to Us

The Referral Process

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Why Dentists Refer to Us

Our Process

It is important to us that you know exactly what to expect after being referred to a Blue Cloud facility. The following is the process each patient undergoes. Our promise is to make this process as smooth as possible for you.

  • Patient Referred

    After being referred to one of our facilities by your dentist, we will contact you within 48 hours to set an appointment for an exam. In this same call we will ask a few, brief questions about the patient’s medical history.

  • Exam

    Most patients require an exam prior to treatment. The exam ensures the patient’s candidacy for general anesthesia and establishes a treatment plan. Patients too uncooperative to complete an entire exam generally qualify for anesthesia and a definitive treatment plan will be created after X-rays are obtained on the day of service. Day of surgery instructions are thoroughly reviewed before the treatment is scheduled, including instructions about eating and drinking on the day of the appointment (NPO Guidelines).

  • Treatment

    Patients scheduled for treatment MUST follow NPO guidelines. This means no food or liquid after a time specified by the doctor. On the day of treatment, the patient enters preoperative care to prepare for the treatment. At this point, most patients receive a medication to help them stay calm. Patients are then moved to the operating room for treatment. Treatment will typically last 1-2 hours. Following treatment, the patient transitions to recovery where nurses monitor their health and the family meets the patient. At least 30 minutes is spent in recovery before the patient is discharged.

  • After Treatment

    Finally, the patient will return to their main dental home for any regularly scheduled appointments.