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Blue Cloud Pediatric Surgery Center’s mission is to provide the highest quality of care at a local level to pediatric and special needs patients in an ambulatory surgery center setting.

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Blue Cloud is led by a proven executive team with diverse experience in various sectors of health care. Each member of the leadership team is personally committed to ensuring that each patient is provided with the quality of care that they deserve.

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Blue Cloud Pediatric Surgery Centers provide a wide range of services including: Pediatric Dentristry, IDD Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Endodontics, and ENT. Visit “Services Provided” page for more details.

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We currently provide services at 3 locations in Texas: Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas. To learn more about each facility, please visit the “Our Surgery Centers” page or click on the individual icons below.

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Improving Health Care for Patients, Providers, & Payors

In many communities across the country, thousands of dental patients each year require procedures under general anesthesia or sedation. Historically, most patients receive their dental treatment requiring sedation in one of two venues: A dental office or a hospital. Blue Cloud’s surgery centers, which are state licensed, Medicare certified, and 3rd party accredited, provide a safe, efficient, and cost effective alternative for patients who require deep sedation or general anesthesia.

Hospitals have long been and remain the gold standard of receiving quality healthcare in the United States—Something that each parent, provider, and payor would want for their patients. However, surgery centers are able to efficiently treat the vast majority of dental patients that are currently being treated in a hospital and for a fraction of the cost. Hospital fees for patients needing dental rehabilitation are thousands of dollars more than Blue Cloud surgery center fees, causing either the patient, insurance payor, or Medicaid to bear this unnecessary financial burden. Because of the complexities that hospitals have to manage, and because of the priority emergency cases they handle, they often have longer wait times, more procedure rescheduling, and providers are limited in the number of cases they can perform each day. Our surgery centers are built and managed to cater towards the dental patient and provider and we diligently work to ensure efficient surgery days for everyone. Unless the patient should be treated in a hospital for a medical reason, we believe a surgery center is a safe and practical option that both patients and providers should consider for their treatment needs.

Dental Offices are often the ideal place for most dental patients to receive treatment within the context of a dental home. However, we believe it is not the ideal setting when deep sedation, general anesthesia, or multiple “challenging” sedation visits are required. Surgery centers provide full-time trained nursing staff for emergency support, are equipped with robust life safety equipment, and have the physical layout that allows providers and patients the safest and most comfortable experience possible.

We are confident that Blue Cloud provides an uncompromising solution for dental patients, providers, and payors. Blue Cloud has proven their quality outcomes, longevity, and commitment to excellence in multiple cities, with tens of thousands of patients as witnesses. We are excited to work with you as we try to bring our unique services to your community.

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